I love my Marijuana Trees. CALIFORNIA.
Blunt as Fuck. TATTOOS.BUTTS&BOOBS.ART in all It's forms and mother NATURE.

Love taste so good when you find the right HONEY,and I found mine.


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Its funny how girls that i dont to talk to anymore,talk to each other. Conspiring against me probably. Just cause they couldnt sit with me.Geez.


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I want us to make each other better. someone you should probably hold on to (via ahistoryofwolfcraft)

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure. in a nutshell (via bl-ossomed)

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Maybe home is nothing but two arms holding you tight when you’re at your worst. Yara Bashraheel (via bl-ossomed)

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do you ever wonder if your followers ever talk about you outside of tumblr

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If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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Shit , my secret is out!

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Being married someday is going to be so cool. like you get to come home to your best friend every single day and just do life together. (via makelvenotwar)

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Jesus Christ! Something is a Brewin’

- ? Aug 21st 2014